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Just a peek at what's coming

Hiya! It's been an interesting few weeks and still, onward I press! So much good stuff happens when I make a simple choices. I chose to be peaceful and know that all things will work together for me. With that I chose to work heartily and make products with what I have and not get worked up about what I didn't have. Next week, on May 5th, there will be the highly anticipated POLISH - Foamy Sugar Exfoliator, CLEANZ - Rich & Creamy Body Wash and Lemon Drop Twist, the latest fragrance of the Monoi Oil Body Lotion collection. Indeed I have been busy and there is still more work to be done by May 4th.

This is Lemon Drop Twist Monoi body lotion and the Polish Foamy Sugar Exfoliator and CLEANZ - the Rich & Creamy Body Wash. And you saw it here first one of SweetSavours new Nail Lacquers!

The vendor that provides the nail polish base sent me a text late Monday night. Yes, it helps when you've developed good relationships. (wink) Kaila let me know that she has gotten a limited supply of the base and that she had set my order aside! Well, you know I got my order placed as soon as my coffee kicked in after I got out of bed Tuesday morning. I'm believing that I will get the order and have the new SweetSavours Nail Lacquer made and stocked by May 4th. I have ladies who have earned free bottles because they put their imaginations to work and named the nail lacquer colors. Those ladies will be officially thanked next week.

Please come, see and sample the new SweetSavours' sugar scrubs, body washes and lotions as well as all the other products in SweetSavours' line. Yes, you'll actually be able to try before you buy! If you can't be with us in person, be sure to check the new things out online at on May 5th. Don't forget, Mother's Day is very close!

Savour Your Day!


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