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Nope, It's Not Just The Seasons Changing!!

Wow! Can you believe it’s September already!? Where did the time go!? Well it's that time when the seasons begin to change, the weather begins to cool and For SweetSavours and me, the seasons are NOT the only changes coming. I’d like to tell you what’s up and I’ll begin with skin care and a few new SweetSavours' products.

As I’ve said, the seasons are changing and our skin will go through it’s changes too. There are steps you can take and products to use that may help keep your skin nourished and soft. First, approach skin care with the same mindset you have when you change your wardrobe. The summer clothes get put away and the warm weather layers come out. Allow new skin to breath by taking off that dead, dry summer skin. You can easily do that with SweetSavours' Foaming Body Polish. This creamy mixture combines, a paraben and sulfate free cleanser with natural oils and organic Turbinado sugar. These ingredients work together to exfoliate, cleanse and nourish to uncover healthy, soft skin.

Now, if a body scrub isn't your thing, you can try SweetSavours’ new detergent free Cleanz Body Wash. This is a blend of natural surfactants that deliver gentle cleansing and soft, luxurious, foam and natural oils and botanical ingredients that remove dirt, dead skin and toxins while they protect your skin and give it an incredible softness.

Please, don't forget, that regardless of the temps outside, your skin always needs moisture. One of the best ways you can moisturize is by trying one of SweetSavours’ Total Body Cremes to get the most impact after your bath or shower. One great pick is the GreenTea Smoothie Total Body Creme that includes a base of green tea and aloe juice to which an awesome blend of natural oils are added.

Then, if you skin needs it, a light slather of a Total Body Lotion may help keep your skin moist. The Oil of Monoi Lotions contain ingredients known to rehydrate and shield your skin against external damages. And their fragrances will help you hold on to summer just a little while longer. Look around the site, SweetSavours has a variety of other moisturizing lotions for you to choose from.

For me and SweetSavours our location is changing too!!! Though the thought of packing is a little daunting, excitement is in the air about the new, larger space to work from and to continue to produce the body care products you and others "savour." Since packing is not on the top of my "love to do" list I’m asking for your help to lighten my packing load. ​

Until Friday, Sept. 14, 2018, SweetSavours will thank you with a 20% discount on ANY size order placed! AND orders over $65 will ship free of charge. I will be working heartily to get all orders shipped out by Monday, September 17, 2018.

The furniture move date is set for September 22nd so SweetSavours and I will be in full moving mode on September 19th. It will take a little time to get things settled and when they are, I will be back at work focused on a few customer focused projects and the Fall/Winter line of SweetSavours’ products. Until then, I’m believing you will be well and continue to take the time to “savour” the good in your lives.

Hug & Love,


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