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Isolation Skin? Really? Nah!!!

Isolation skin. Yep, it’s a thing. OK, not really.

Of course, this thing has a name, “Isolation Skin.” But basically, isolation skin is skin that’s changing as a result of our changing lifestyles and emotional well-being. Though it’s gotten more attention amid COVID-19, changes with our skin could happen any time things change with us personally. A few factors could be increased stress, a change in your diet or eating habits, and/or less exercise. This can happen at any time we change the way we live it can cause our skin to freak out a little. We won't get caught up in another negative. I’d rather we focus on good ways to give ourselves a little self-care.

A good self-care skin routine will help your skin overcome life changes that have your skin a little dryer and not as soft. A little self care may also help your mindset too. The SweetSavours simple routine is to exfoliate your skin, moisturize and condition it and then lock in that moisture. SweetSavours has the products for you to use, from head to toe.

The reality is that your skin is the largest organ of your body. It’s also the one most folks don’t take the best care of. When we change what seems to be the little things, our skin responds. Savour your skin by exfoliating the dry skin, moisturizing the new skin and locking that moisture in. Begin with Polish, a gentle skin exfoliator that also cleanses to uncover your healthy, soft skin. When the dry, dead skin is washed away, pat to damp dry and moisturize your new skin with a BodyCrème or Total Body Lotion. These moisturizers are made with natural butters, oils, and proteins. These ingredients will put back into your skin what those life changes have taken out. Then use BodiBudda to lock in all the goodness of the moisturizers. Budda doesn’t contain water, only natural oils, butter and a small amount of natural bee’s wax. BodiBudda will nourish your skin and prevent moisture from escaping from it too. Goodbye old dead skin! Hello new!!

Covid schmovid! Dry feet are an issue of summertime and sandals! Again, you can keep the crusties away by exfoliating, moisturizing and locking in the moisture. FootScrub contains a Dead Sea and Epsom salt blend that works to gently exfoliate dry, dead skin from your feet. It also has a combination of oils that help moisturize, hydrate and soften skin. Moisturize your tootsies with FootCrème. The oils and butters in this Crème are known to restore your skin's elasticity, prevent dryness and may help deeply moisturize your feet. FootBalm is a great combination of butters that work well to deeply penetrate skin and locks in the moisture. Your soft feet are “Savoured” more with the refreshing effect of the deodorizing essential oil blend.

We’ve had to wash our hands more often these last few months and our skin shows how effective washing has been. Not only has it washed away the cooties but also the much needed natural oils too. SweetSavours has the fix for what’s been washed away. Remove that dry skin with RedSalt HandScrub. It is made with Alaea Red Sea Salt is a Pacific sea salt and a natural oil blend. This Scrub can replenish tired and dry skin, rejuvenate it and soften, and moisturize your hand's skin. The natural butters and oils in HandCrème were specifically chosen for their known properties of skin cell regeneration, promoting skin elasticity and super moisturizing. This essential oil blend is known to be a gentle skin healer. Take care of your cuticles with CuticleOil, a strengthening treatment that is rich in Omega 3 vitamins. Lock moisture into your hands with HandBalm, a skin loving, water-free balm made with a unique combination of natural oils and butters. They are known to be soothing, skin regenerative, moisturizing and healing.

SweetSavours lovingly encourages you to take a little time to focus on yourself and take some self-care time. When you do, not only will your skin love you back, you'll appreciate yourself more too. No, the world won’t disappear, there will still be things for you to take care of but you might do so with a more self-appreciation and clarity, knowing YOU were worth the time you took for yourself.

Until the next post........................HUGS!!!

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