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CoCoCrème Body Crème is a rich Total Body Creme that will soften and moisturize dry, weary skin. Cocoa Butter, Apricot oil and milk protein are just a few of the natural ingredients that are thought to promote your skin’s elasticity, increase hydration and protect dry and/or sensitive skin. You’ll love that is cream may heal and protect your skin by forming a lightweight, anti-inflammatory barrier and draw nourishing moisture into it.

CoCoCrème Body Crème - Still Waters

  • Still Waters is a clean, calming, beautiful water scent. It's not a salty ocean type, but imagine a crystal blue water scent that soothes the soul. There are top notes of a watery, fresh ozone accord with lemongrass and mandarin. You may catch the mid notes of leafy greens and fresh rose before the dry notes of rosewood & musk. 

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