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Take a few seconds to savour what is an extension of your heart.  A simple routine to cleanse and savour your hands with some of the most nourishing and moisturizing butters & oils.  The natural butters and oils in Sunflower HandCrème were specifically chosen because of their known properties of skin cell regeneration, promoting skin elasticity and super moisturizing. This essential unisex oil blend is known to be a gentle skin healer. You can also savour your cuticles with a strengthening treatment that is rich in Omega 3 vitamins. Hemp Seed and Olive oils are loaded with skin loving vitamins and minerals. These are only two oil in the combination that are known to heal and moisturize skin while also deeply nourishing your cuticles.

HandSavours HandCrème & Cuticle Oil Set

  • Mandarin Orange has a light aroma but it still an intense, fresh scent characteristic of sweet oranges. You may also smell the soft scent of the coconut oil.

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