Savoured feet are soft, smooth and well moisturized. SweetSavours’ FootSavours treatment begins with it foaming FootScrub. The Dead Sea and Epsom salt blend works to gently exfoliate dry, dead skin from your feet. The combination of Avocado, Hemp Seed and Almond oils are loaded with benefits of moisturizing, hydrating and softening. Follow the FootScrub and moisturize with FootCrème. Kokum Butter is known to restore your foot skin's elasticity, prevent dryness and dehydration. The other oils are vitamin rich and may help deeply moisturize skin and increase the softening potential to your feet. FootBalm is a special addition to your Foot savour treatment.  FootBalm has a great combination of Shea and Kokum butters that work well together to deeply penetrates skin and gives it a variety of benefits; soothes, softens, moisturizes, restores elasticity and prevents dryness and dehydration. Your soft feet are “Savoured” more with the refreshing effect of the deodorizing essential oil blend.

FootSavours Complete Set

  • The aroma of these Savours is due to the unique essential oil blend of Sweet Basil, Tea Tree and Geranium. It bright and fresh and works to refresh and deodorize your Footsies!