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HIZ Total Body Lotion is THE vitamin rich, moisturizing lotion for THE Man!! This thick, not greasy lotion is made with a unique blend of natural oils, like Safflower, Hemp Seed and Avocado, that are thought to not only moisturize but regenerate skin cells. In HIZ lotion are Quinoa protein and botanical extract blend. The known benefits of these ingredients are that they may be inflammation reducing, skin soothing and moisturizing. HIZ’s unique combination of ingredients may work as hard as HE does to nourish and restore HIZ healthy skin cells.

HIZ Total Body Lotion - WHATTA MAN

  • WHATTA MAN is the fragrance the man who's ALL that. This fragrance begins with daring notes of Japanese grapefruit and lemon that are followed by seductive notes of peppercorn, ginger and aquatic marine. These are brought together with the sexy notes of patchouli, cedar and frankincense.

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