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RedTea Latte is a luscious, Latte-like cream of Rooibos “Red” Tea and Goat’s milk. These rich ingredients are loaded with minerals and vitamins that are known to promote healthy skin cells. The other natural butters, oils and botanical extracts are thought to regenerate healthy, new skin cells while they also hydrate and nourish your skin. SweetSavours' RedTea Latte may revitalize your skin with a fresh, invigorated and healthy glow.

RedTea Latte Body Crème - Amber Light

  • Amber Light is a calming, sophisticated unisex scent. This scent is exotic and earthy. As it opens with a subtle citrus sparkle, followed by notes of earthy moss and oriental florals, it finishes with an amber, vanilla-musk, and Indonesian patchouli dry-down. Again, it’s a great fragrance for both men and women.

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