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SweetSavours' Terms

SweetSavours' Terms

At SweetSavours, love and care are given to every customer.  I want everyone who uses any SweetSavours product to enjoy it and be satisfied with it.  As a responsible business owner, I've made it known what SweetSavours and I will and will not be responsible for on this page and on the FAQ's page. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out and contact me.


You understand that you will use the SweetSavours product(s) you purchase via the instructions stated on the packaging and website. You also understand that SweetSavours will not be responsible for allergic reactions as the opportunity for you to have sampled the product has been made to you.


SweetSavours Natural Body Care Apothecary does not offer medical advice or make claims with any of its products or their ingredients. The only statements that are made are in accordance with the same information found from many other outlets, printed or online. If you contact SweetSavours, the response you will receive is not intended, not should it be understood as medical or professional advice, nor can it be relied upon for medical, legal, or financial decisions. 


You hold harmless, SweetSavours Natural Body Care Apothecary, its owners, agents and representatives from any claims of responsibility for your actions.

Before you check out, you will be notified of SweetSavours' policies and procedures. Checking out acknowledges your understanding and agreement. 

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