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What is SweetSavours Body Care Apothecary all about?

SweetSavours Body Care Apothecary’s products are a combination of

Sweet and "Savoury."


SweetSavours' products aren’t one formula with several different fragrances.

Each product is formulated and made to meet different skin care needs. Savours are made with natural oils, butters and botanical extracts that have been researched for their known properties and skin care benefits.

SweetSavours' formulas are developed and handmade in small, cost efficient batches. 


Founder's “Savours Story”


Before becoming SweetSavours' “Chief Savour Maker,” I was enjoying a position

in the financial aid office of a local college. I was struck with a near fatal illness. Month after month the illness was treated with an abundance of the strongest medications available. Despite saving my life, the medications severely damaged the skin on my face and body.


As my physical body healed, it was evident my skin desperately needed to be healed, moisturized and restored. The medications prescribed were expensive and worst, they didn’t work. I quickly realized that I was going to have to be responsible for finding the solution to my skin care needs. 

I searched for professional training, took the required classes and became certified in how to make lotions and other products to heal my skin.


After much prayer, research, and making batches of samples, I began using the products I made on my face and body. Natural ingredients were what my skin needed to heal, moisturize and restore it. I'm not saying you will have the same results. I'm just sharing my results with you. For me, results were amazing!


When my skin no longer flaked from my face and the itchy, scaly skin on my body became soft and smooth, the differences were so noticeable that my family and friends began requesting and buying the products I made.


One product lead to another and in 2012, SweetSavours Body Care Apothecary was officially "born." Now, there is a full line of body care products that are formulated and handmade, including products for your face, lips, body, hands and even your feet.


SweetSavours’ first priority is to the people who use the products. Time is taken to thoroughly research each of the ingredients and identify their specific properties and benefits. With this information, formulations are developed and made in small batches, which help preserve the benefits of the ingredients, and maintain SweetSavours’ products’ quality and freshness.


From the beginning to the end of the Savour making process, every product is infused with love so that what you use is a true savour for you and your skin.

SweetSavours Body Care Apothecary’s mission is to keep our customers’ satisfaction as our goal and we will continue to formulate and hand make body care products that do not contain, phthalates, sulfates, parabens or petroleum additives. 

SweetSavours’ heart is to provide products our customers are eager to use, will enjoy and learn to


“Savour the Skin You're Wrapped In.” 

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