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How Do the Savours Smell?

 Here are the descriptions of each of SweetSavours' unique & specifically chosen fragrances. Some are unisex or male and female appropriate. Others are fragrances for the Ladies and others are for the Gentlemen.

RedTea Latte Body Creme 


Amber RedTea is a unisex scent that begins with a light floral of white blossoms, iris and jasmine that are balanced with a vanilla base note. Those are blended with amber notes and a deep combination of Vanilla, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Musk. This savour is liked by women and men.


Amber Orchid is an exotic scent that opens with soft notes of apricot and verbena. These notes  trail into a sensual orchid with pink amber and white woods. 

SheaBlush Body Lotion


Spiced Amber is a warm, sensual fragrance where spicy ginger meets a sultry combination of amber and vanilla.  It has a soft floral touch to those magnificent base notes. This savour is liked by women and men.


Sweet Amber Musk is a deeply sensual and erotic scent whose aromatic fragrance finds it heart in the resin of amber and labdanum and centuries old spices handed down from generations past. In the dry down, there is a slight hint of musk, incense and myrrh that deliver an unforgettable and mysterious gift.

CocoCreme Body Creme


The Quiet Seas aroma may help you imagine relaxing on the beach, scrunching the sand between your toes with the warm salty breeze from the ocean brushing across your face. This crisp, clean fragrance for men or woman that has just the right combination of salty sea and fragrant foliage. This savour is liked by women and men.


Still Waters is a clean, calming, beautiful water scent. It's not a salty ocean type, but imagine a crystal blue water scent that soothes the soul. There are top notes of a watery, fresh ozone accord with lemongrass and mandarin. You may catch the mid notes of leafy greens and fresh rose before the dry notes of rosewood & musk. This savour is liked by women and men.

CocoSilk Body Lotion


The savour of “Soft Cotton” is a clean, fresh scent that blends cotton, mandarin blossoms, freesia and peonies. It’s a nostalgic aroma for men and women of that's smells like clean cotton that was dried outside on a fresh breezy day. 


A Time To Dance is awesome fragrance choreography. Fresh mandarin oranges balances with hints of apple peel.  Jasmine, violet and lily join the dance in a floral accord balanced with woodland fern and hints of berry. The third member of this dance is a sensual blend of cashmere musk, golden amber and vanilla bean creates a romantic sweetness that surrounds the florals.

Green Tea Smoothie Body Creme


Succulent Aloe has notes of fresh agave (aloe) juice, aloe leaves and desert springs.  You will pick up the soothing fragrances of chamomile and lavender buds. This is a unisex savour that also includes notes of silvered jade, cyclamen petals, and nuances of lemon zest. This savour is liked by women and men.


Island Harmony may have you imagining being whisked away to a breathtaking paradise overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. There is a complex aroma of tart Japanese grapefruit, Sweet Olive and dew-covered watercress that is followed by middle notes of rose, jasmine, and cassis.  To complete the subtle ecstasy, Island Harmony sits on a dry down of fresh amber and myrrh.

Verde Body Lotion


Fresh Agave is a fresh and vibrant unisex fragrance. It has a refreshing combination of fresh greens and pear agave which is brought to a new level with the crisp addition of vetiver grass and clean forest moss. This savour is liked by women and men.


Wellspring is a true, caring blend of sparkling freshness that begins with fresh air notes and a hint of Japanese grapefruit.  It has middle notes of spring melons, rose, lotus blossoms, and lily of the valley follow.  These spectacular fragrances sit on base notes of bamboo and white musk.

HIZ Fragrances


BLUE is an unbelievable scent. It’s a sexy, fresh and aquatic aroma. The fresh is the combo of bergamot, neroli, and tangerine. These flow into mid notes of rosemary, jasmine, and persimmon. Together they sit on the sexy, woodsy base note of patchouli.


Fitch excites the senses with lavender, fresh bergamot, and sexy leather accords. Then Fitch deepens into a masculine musk and finishes with sandalwood. Incredibly sexy, incredibly masculine!


Code is an oriental, alluring, masculine aroma with a dark and sexy opening.  Code begins with citrus top notes of bergamot, and fresh lemon; leading to a middle note of olive flower; and sitting on base notes of Amber, Tonka bean and Guiac woods.  This savour is similar to the Black Code fragrance.


TruBrit is Sexy and fun! It’s a fresh, modern blend of classic cologne citruses highlight warm, inviting ouds, amber, sandalwood and white musks.    

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